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Please note, this agency & all the services offered are non sexual. is a leader in the provision of:

?Worldwide, women are delaying marriage, or choosing not to marry at all, and living longer lives. As such, there is a greater demand for products and services that cater to solo lifestyles..? (Source, Business Insights)

We have an ever-growing list of satisfied female clients as well as a large database of skilled men who provide their services to our female clientele. Effectively an introduction service, we put our service providers in front of clients and enable clients to easily and quickly find the service they need, matched to a personality that fits their requirements. Both parties benefit: our clients have just one port of call for all types of freelance workers (rather than 4 or 5 different agencies) and our service providers can access a large pool of country-wide demand.

Whilst every client and service provider is different, our clients are modern, aspirational and frequently require:

  • Male companions for social events, fine dining, an evening out.
  • Models for fashion modelling fitness or mature models
  • Chauffeurs with vehicles for business trips, social events, or plain convenience
  • Security guards for social events
  • Bodyguards for personal protection

Our clients, whilst diverse, all have one thing in common: high standards. Equally, our service providers are a varied mix, yet all highly motivated, skilled and experienced.

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